Aplril 1 & 2, 2017 | Wisconsin Dells, WI

Engage. Educate. Entertain. and Eat.

Chippewa Valley WellFEST is social enterprise that provides community wellness education events to address social issues and create positive community change.


engage. educate. entertain. and eat.

Welcome to WellFEST!

What is wellfest?

WellFEST is a nonprofit social enterprise, providing community wellness education events.  Previous WellFEST events brought together hundreds of active-enthusiasts, wellness gurus and the healthy-conscious of the Chippewa Valley for interactive, hands-on community events.

What happens at wellfest?

Following the recent trends of festivals like the UK's Innocent Unplugged event, WellFEST features speakers, group activities, trial opportunities, learning and fun.  Wellfest events are all about engaging, educating, entertaining (and of course, eating amazing, healthy food).  

How do I get tickets?

This year, the 2017 Chippewa Valley WellFEST will be held on April 1 and 2nd, 2017 in Wisconsin Dells, WI at the Kalahari Resort!  You can buy tickets easily online by clicking the button below!


engage. educate. entertain. and eat.

Photos From Past Wellfest Events

Chippewa Valley Wellfest 2017

Chippewa Valley Wellfest is the only interactive wellness event around. Our sole purpose is to provide wellness experience from food and fitness to workplace and community wellness to sustainability.

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WellFEST is a one-of- a-kind one-day event, unique to our area that offers wellness experiences and education. Hundreds of active-enthusiasts, wellness gurus, and the healthy-conscious come together to experience speakers, group activities, trial opportunities, learning and more.

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Join our 2017 Sponsor Wisconsin Public Radio and become part of the team of wellness professionals who bring traditional and complimentary services and therapies from all over the world to make our space a better place to live. 

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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Stephen Bacolek

WellFEST is honored to welcome Keynote Speaker Dr. Stephen Bavolek. Dr Bavolek, Ph.D., is a recognized leader in the fields of child abuse and neglect treatment and prevention, and parenting education. Born and raised in Chicago, Dr. Bavolek's professional background includes working with emotionally disturbed children and adolescents in schools and residential settings, and abused children and abusive parents in treatment programs.

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