tHE wELLfest sTORY

What is a WellFEST? It’s simple. It’s a gathering of like-minded wellness professionals, brought together to give the Valley a taste of the amazingly cool wellness people and services we have in our area. It's an experience!

When I’m asked how WellFEST was born, I picture a caricature of myself with my big brown curly hair flying in all different directions. Mixed in with the curls and curvy (like word art) words: food, fitness, fun, travel, yoga, spinning, music, wellness, laughter, movement, and more, flying out of my brain. I have so many things I love to do and a few things I’m really good at doing.

When I used to teach Career Development to high school juniors and seniors, my tag line was, “Put what you like to do with what you’re good at and that’s your career”. What’s the saying? Be careful what you put out there? After taking about a five-minute inventory of what I like to do and what I’m good at, it was like the universe reached out, smacked me on the head and said duh! “Create an event (I love planning) that brings together all the really cool wellness people you know, turn it into an area wide party, have food, showcase these experts in their field and show them off to others who may or may not know how, “It has to be the coolest thing ever”.

My fitness/wellness brain said, “It has to showcase all types of wellness and my foodie brain said, “We have to have good food and it has to be FUN”. I ran it by my family and some of my amazing friends and colleagues that I’ve grown to cherish and respect over the years and it was unanimous. They all said, “ I love it”…..and I ran with it. Planning started in 2012.

~ Christine V